All in all, I think the claim went really smoothly and I’m sure it was because you guys were involved.

– Neil

After the fire my mom and I were being dissuaded by many not to use a public adjuster because of the fees and experiences of unsatisfactory results, one of the many comments made were you can put that money in your pocket. Thank God I am not a person who relies on other folks comments/judgment.

For us it was never about money (God knows we never refuse money and can always use extra) but it was about excellent service, and getting things done the right way, I thank God for sending you our way.

You are there every step of the way, you make yourself available to answer our questions and concerns,  you always get back to us right away whether it’s by email or telephone AND you are always pleasant. I used the words are there because, in spite of the claims being settled, you are still available addressing any and all concerns. We are and were never treated like just a client.

I pray that we will never go though such a traumatic experience again, but life happens and if I or anyone dear to me is faced with such experience, I would use/recommend your services.

Now I am an advocate for using public adjuster.

Adam, you are an excellent representative for your company and in spite of how successful you/your company may be. I pray that you will always be successful.

Thank you for your kindness and making us feel like we are a part of your company.

– Yasmine & Marilyn

Yay!  My husband and I can’t thank you enough for all your work on this claim. We really appreciate all your efforts and are pleased with the resolution you were able to achieve for us.

We are very glad that we chose your company to represent us on what was a very difficult and frustrating process. It was a real pleasure to work with you.

We are very grateful.

– Michael