What does a Public Adjuster do?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed insurance professional who specializes in the complex, often confusing, property claims process. He/she works exclusively for the policyholder and will review your policy, prepare a detailed inventory of your loss and reach a settlement with the insurance company to ensure that you get all to which you are entitled within the terms of your policy. In fact, Public Adjusters typically help their clients receive significantly higher settlements than they would have received on their own. 


Why Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

In order to ensure that you receive everything to which you are entitled within the terms of your policy, you must comply with all of the conditions outlined in your policy. These are often written in highly technical industry jargon that can be almost impossible for the average business person or homeowner to decipher on their own. That’s where a Public Adjuster comes in. We will review your policy, ensure compliance with every condition and even find coverage’s that you may not know exist. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to recover all to which you are entitled under the terms of your policy.


In addition, we prepare inventories, repair estimates and Proofs of Loss with painstaking detail and we defend every item of your claim with the insurance company. This leaves you free to go about your life, rebuild your home or business, while we handle your claims process from start to finish.


How are Public Adjusters different from insurance company claims adjusters and independent claims adjusters?

Public Adjusters work solely and exclusively for their clients and are not affiliated with any insurance company. It’s their job to ensure that the interests of their client, the policyholder, is always first and foremost. In fact, Public Adjusters are the only adjusters that are legally allowed to represent the policyholder.


Both insurance company adjusters and independent adjusters work for, and on behalf of, an insurance company, which means they put the interests of the insurance company first and foremost ahead of the policyholder. This means they get paid by the insurance company and minimize the loss.

Why do I need help filing my claim?

It’s important to understand that your insurance policy is a contract that details very specific and conditions with which you the policyholder must comply especially after you’ve suffered property loss. Many of these conditions are written in highly technical industry jargon that can be difficult to understand. Not complying with every condition in your policy can create a situation where your claim can be minimized or even denied.


Many business and homeowners don’t realize that the burden of proof for their loss is entirely on them. This means that you will have to inventory and document every item down to the last sock or paper clip while also researching replacement costs for each and every item. This process can take months, even years to complete. A Public Adjuster is an authority on every aspect of your claim and will complete this grueling work for you quickly and efficiently while acting as your advocate and representative to the insurance company.


Will hiring a Public Adjuster affect my premiums or in any way be detrimental to my relationship with my insurance company?

No, insurance companies frequently welcome working with Public Adjusters on insurance claims because of their knowledge and experience in the claims process. This enables the process to move more smoothly for everyone involved.


Why should I pay someone to help me receive what is mine?

The key thing to keep in mind is that the burden of proof for your loss is entirely on you. The insurance company will offer to pay you what they believe is due which may be very different from what you believe is due to you. It stands to reason that the insurance company would prefer to pay you as little as possible. It is solely up to you to provide documented proof of every aspect of your loss to the insurance company.


A Public Adjuster has the experience and ability to get you the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. And, since your Public Adjuster works solely and exclusively for you, he/she will always work with your best interests in mind.


What is the fee or cost for hiring a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters charge a small percentage of your total settlement after you receive your reimbursement from the insurance company, which means that they don’t paid until you get paid. There are absolutely no up-front charges. 


When should I get a Public Adjuster involved?

It’s always in your best interest to get a Public Adjuster involved as quickly as possible following a loss. Every decision you make (no matter how insignificant it seems) can greatly impact your final settlement. And, this eliminates the possibility that you could fail to comply with any of the conditions outlined in your insurance policy, which could result in the insurance company minimizing or even denying your claim.