If your business has suffered significant property damage due to fire, flood, wind or other catastrophe, you could be facing a disaster far greater in magnitude than just property damage. Anything that disrupts the flow of normal business operations can permanently cripple your business. Your customers may not remain patient for long and your competitors will benefit from your misfortune. It’s vital that you get your business back to full capacity as quickly as possible. We are committed to helping you retain your customers, clients or patients while rebuilding your business with as little interruption as possible.


We Help Your Business Recover As Quickly As Possible After a Loss

Your business cannot afford to stop or even run at partial capacity after you have suffered significant property damage. You need people who can develop a plan to help you recover and work with your insurance company to get you the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. The fact is most business owners are not prepared to deal with the tedium of working with their insurance company, nor do they have the expertise to fully understand the rights they have under their insurance policy. Preparing and working through a claim takes a tremendous amount of time – time that should be spent on rebuilding your business.

We Develop a Claims Strategy with You

In the early stages following a loss, you must make critical decisions that affect both the insurance claim and your interim business plan. There are many alternative adjustment strategies that can impact cash flow and operations differently. Our team will assess your unique situation and help you develop a proactive plan that coordinates the claims strategy with the rebuilding plan that best supports your goals and enables your business to continue operations with as little interruption as possible.

 We Create a Complete Picture of the Loss

We carefully evaluate the structural and cosmetic damage to your property and its contents. To determine the full extent of the loss, we recreate an exact picture of the property prior to the disaster. We will compile detailed inventories and an estimate of all damaged property to substantiate your loss.

When business interruption losses are incurred, we calculate the maximum recovery to which you are entitled using the best approach based on historical data, period of restoration, and complex requirements.

We Submit the Claim and Pursue a Prompt Settlement

After the loss is entirely inventoried and documented, we prepare a detailed, accurate and equitable Statement of Loss maximizing all of your benefits. After the claim is submitted, we meet with representatives of the insurance company to facilitate a timely settlement.


We handle:

  • Water and flood
  • Fire and smoke
  • Hurricane and tornado
  • Wind and storm
  • Loss of personal property (property contents)
  • Property collapse
  • Vandalism and theft
  • And more

We will:

  • Immediately secure your property from additional damage
  • Review your policy coverage, including the fine print, to determine all of your coverage
  • Develop a recovery plan to keep your business running
  • Help you locate temporary space and equipment
  • Thoroughly investigate and document the damage to your property and its contents
  • Recover important documents and records
  • Calculate the business interruption losses and maximum recovery to which you are entitled
  • Provide or obtain the necessary appraisals and expert opinions for every aspect of your recovery
  • Prepare the claim, review it with you, and submit it to the insurance company
  • Meet with insurance company representatives as often as necessary to defend your claim
  • Keep you informed of progress and settlement updates